Weightloss is frustrating because…

  • After a huge effort, you gain it all back
  • You suffer from emotional hunger
  • There are many methods, but none stick

  • You HATE diets and prohibitions
  • Weightloss gets more difficult every time
  • You suffer from adiction to certain foods

  • Spend too much money on pills etc
  • You are afraid for your health
  • You feel ZERO motivation to begin

If you change your habits, YOU TAKE CONTROL

Emotional Hunger?: We remove anxiety, stop addiction to carbs, and reinforce self control

No forbidden foods!: Say BYE to the torture and anxiety that diets cause

Self sabotage?:we analyze your limiting beliefs, blocks, strengths and weaknesses

Repair Self Esteem:it´s not just about weightloss, its also about self love, acceptance and respect

The big goal? That you take control of your eating habits for ever, so you can maintain your weight despite eating your favorite stuff, and never depending on dieting again 


You can ALSO be succesful

Step 2

Have your first online session (skype, zoom, etc)

Step 3

Begin your personalized program 🙂

I have questions...

Afraid to try? Reprogamming your eating habits is nothing crazy or out there, quite the opposite! Diets have always failed you, maybe its time to try something different?

What is coaching? In coaching, we focus on your GOALS, we will analize your emotions affecting your patterns, and remove your blocks

Does online work? Online weekly sessions are just as effective as in person…and you will save time and money of transportation

Hypnosis? This therapeutic tool is backed by science, and we will use it on some occassions as long as you agree to. It will be very useful for habit change.

Available products

Coaching for weightloss sessions: packages are discounted

Virtual Gastric Band with Hypnosis (more info click here)

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