Mi libro más completo, 400 páginas de contenido, disponible en kindle o en físico, en Amazon.

My vision

Give you the MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, and PHYSICAL tools so you achieve your goals and the body you desire, with power results through mental programming techniques.

My studies

Hi! I am your Health Coach, Vero Pardo.

I am a Nutritional and Health Coach, certified by Cofepris (Mexican FDA) and the Department of Health., amongst other learning institutions.In this respect, I did my apprenticeship in the Department of Nutrition of the Hospital "Angeles del Pedregal", the most prominent hospital in Mexico City.

I have also authored different books, one of them translated to english, and you can find them all in Amazon.All of themare aboutweightloss andIntermittent fasting.

I am a Coach specialized in Neurolinguistic Programming certified by the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy (USA).

I am also a Hypnotherapist specialized in Weightloss, certified by I am also a Hypnotherapist specialized in Weightloss, certified by International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy in the USA, American Hypnosis Association in the USA, and Centro Mexicano de Programación Neurolongüistica in México. Also I have other specialzed courses by the American Hypnosis Association such as:

  • Gastric Bypass
  • Habit Change
  • EFT
  • High Sports Performance
  • Amongst others

Y también soy Facilitadora de SMART Recovery, organización especializada en el tratamiento de adicciones – incluida la adicción a la comida, facultada para organizar reuniones grupales donde se enseñan herramientas para lidiar con conductas adictivas.

I have helped people reach their goals with these tecniques for the past 5 years with great success.

My story...

Much before I became a Health Coach, I had other dreams. I was not interested in health at all. But I was obsessed with being thin to the point were I suffered from an eating disorder. I just did not know how to be skinny while still eating my guilty pleasures such as pizza or donuts. In fact, I thought I had to choose between eating yummy and being overweight...or eating very boringly and being thin.This led me to an eating disorder.

That seems VERY long ago, I sure do know better these days. Because I now know that IT IS POSSIBLE to eat anything - and still be skinny. I learnt it was possible, and I developed my own system. My toolbox is rich and, whatever your case, I have a tailor made solution for you.

But, going back to my past ... how from a point of zero interest in health, did I become a Health Coach? My original career - I have a degree in Advertising and Public Relations (Madrid, Spain) with a Master in Political Communication (Washington, USA) - took me to a job that was related to public health. It was in that duty where I understood that, according to the World Health Organization, in 20 years, 1 in 3 people will suffer from a chronic degenerative disease such as cancer, and that there will be no pocket or public health system to assist us all.

That's why when the story of Terry Whals, a doctor who managed to reverse the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis through a specific diet, came to my awareness, I realized that we can do a lot for our body in terms of PREVENTION, and that nutrition through of a better diet, it is KEY to achieve it. The subject fascinated me so much that I spent my free time studying, and changed my way of eating. I only started to eat healthier, without diets, and my weight began to melt, without dieting! for the first time in my life. Today I know what it is to eat pizza or a delicious dessert, without feeling guilty and not getting fat, thanks to the balance that I have achieved through my method and my new habits. It is my passion now to teach these skilss and lifestyle to people who are struggling with weight, health, and/or body image issues.

I have summarized it a lot ... it was a long learning path, with many failures, some successes, and, finally, an own methodology. A wealth of knowledge that I added through my training and my experience, until I developed my own system, style, and programmes.

Next steps...

How can I help you? Contact me, I will respond immediatly! (in normal working hours)

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