Considering Stomach reduction surgery?

  • You are afraid of surgery
  • Surgery is very expensive
  • You are open to try a new approach
  • You want to eat everything, just smaller portions
  • Diets don´t work for you anymore
  • You have no self control
  • Your metabolism is very slow
  • You are not motivated

Stomach Reduction Surgery WITH HYPNOSIS

  • Gastric band/sleeve/ball, reduce the size of the stomach
  • But it is very expensive surgery, thousands of dollars
  • With hypnosis, we can trick your subconscious mins into thinking you went through the real surgery, so its effects will feel real
  • On average you will loose 2 pounds a week
  • No matter your age or metabolism

La operación de banda gástrica disminuye el tamaño del estómago

Good news! you will not have to spend THOUSANDS of dollars on a surgery or wait years on a waiting list ...with hypnosis, we can achieve very similar results

HYPNOSIS works like a gastric band…

  • In four sessions of hypnosis, the simulation of the stomach reduction surgery is performed, and there is an extra recording for life long use
  • Visual material and recordings included
  • Your stomach will feel as small as a golf ball, this will make you eat less and lose weight
  • Average weightloss is 2 pounds per week
  • Includes a nutrition class and on how to lose weight with out dieting
  • Includes tips on how to accelerate your metabolism
  • Proven succesfull protocol

They tried it all ready...

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Is hypnosis for me?